Who's stronger Vegeta or Goku?

Who's stronger Vegeta or Goku?


Goku vs Vegeta

      The Saiyans have always had a passion for fighting. They Grew stronger every day by destroying each other.

Goku and Vegeta are the primary examples of that passion. Since the beginning of Dragonball, these two warriors have fought each other time and time again.

They have pushed one another to evolve to become something more significant, and now we are in dragon ball super, where the question asked, who is stronger, Vegeta, or Goku?

Here we give you our opinion and the reason why.


     First, let start with Goku and his abilities. Goku has many tricks up his sleeve. Skills like the Kiaoken, Solar Flare, Spirit Bomb, and more.

     These powers helped Goku out of many damaging situations like the first battle with Vegeta. Vegeta, in my opinion, beat Goku. If it weren't for the Kiaoken technique, Goku sure would have lost. Don't see it, well, here is another situation.

     The battle against Frieza. Goku was at a loss; that was until he lifted his arms into the air to secretly collect energy to build what? Yes, the spirit bomb! Even so, Frieza not killed, but he was severely hurt.

     Ok, we get it now Goku is weak without his tricks, so what now?

Well, even with Goku having all these tricks, it still leads to his defeat. Ok, Enough about Goku, lets get down to Vegeta.


     The prince of all Saiyans, in all his glory and pride they sure make him look weak. Vegeta has no fancy tricks up his sleeves, even though he started stronger than Kakarot, he progressively fell behind.

Goku's son Gohan even surpassed him by going Super Saiyan 2.

     Left with defeat, Vegeta still pressed on, perfecting his craft and developed new signature moves. Moves like the big bang attack, and the final flash, but like his Saiyan brother Kakarot, he felt short and lost to his opponent.


     In conclusion, left with two Saiyan who persevered through the bad to get to the fabulous power they have now.



We even find out that Vegeta is learning some tricks of his own, on a planet that brought us the unique technique, instant-transmission.



The Saiyan's will not stop training or fighting; they understand that to pass one's limit, you have to reach a point of failure. A score of defeat, they know that without this, they cant grow.


So, back to the question.


Who's stronger, Vegeta or Goku?


I say they are the same because, without the help of others, they would face annihilation. Fusion is how they beat Broly, and working together is how they took down Jiren in the power of tournament. Their strength comes from the bonds they have formed.

We say that they are both equal in strength and power.


Thanks for reading. Comment below, let us know what you think.

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