Naruto Ichiban Kuji Incoming! "The Will of Fire Spinning!"

Naruto Ichiban Kuji Incoming!


Growing Flames   

We here at Iconic Dragon have been waiting for something new, fresh, something to spark our Passion.

For us, Anime was the only cure, but as we looked around at the slow shipping times and the sluggish economy, we noticed that no hot new items were coming out!

Flames Blazing 

     This was our thought process in 2021, but now! Boooooom! 2022 is here, offering us a whole new Ichiban Kuji Naruto Collection 

"The Will of Fire Spinning!" 

I love the sound of that. 

The saying brings forth Passion alone, which is what Iconic Dragon is all about. 


The Will of Fire Series

Naruto in his Sage of the Six Paths looks impressive!

Sasuke using the Rinnegan ok ok. 

Kakashi Sharingan looks good. 

Minato posed as a solid catalyst to the future he developed, Fire!

     All these models show us just how strong the will of fire is! Simply Blazing Amazing!


Inspiring Flames

(These items will be released approx. late July-August 2022)

(Pricing will be announced soon)

I really love the Naruto figure! Comment below to let us know what you think.

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