Is Vegeta Becoming a Hero?

dragonball 2020 manga Vegeta power

In this new Dragon ball, 2020 manga Chapter, we find the Z fighters battling for survival once again. We also have a New Villian named Moro.

Moro reminds me of an upgrade, adult form Babadi, a super-strong wizard, that has the power to devour the life-energy of planets, people, and animals.

He then makes this power his own, to use against the Z fighters. This power reminds us of the spirit bomb, which is definitely an efficient move and has indeed brought many to their knees.
Yes, we know about Moro, but get to it!
Ok, ok, well this time around Goku and Vegeta cant beat Moro, and it is not because of his strength, but because of his wizard abilities.

Vegeta realizes this and made his way towards the yardrat planet where Goku learned instant transmission.
Vegeta quickly learns about the strength of the spirit and picks up on how to utilize this power. Meanwhile, Goku is uncovering more about ultra instinct, which we find out is another form of the spirit.
The meaning of life-force and energy mixed into spirit and power.
In the latest manga chapter, Goku is all done with his training and is headed back to earth where Moro and his minions are causing havoc.
Here is the kicker, Goku arrives there first!
This is the big twist.
Well, ok, so what if Goku arrives first. Why make it a big deal?
Let me explain why.
Goku always arrives at the scene last! He was still there to save the day, to bail everyone out, to showcase more power than anyone has seen. Both Vegeta and Goku were in training, and there is no sign of Vegeta.
In my opinion,
Vegeta has found a power that trumps Goku!
Vegeta is being showcased as a last resort.
At the end of this, I speculate that he is going to be our newfound hero, and finally take the spotlight!
Vegeta fans get ready because this will be a season to remember.

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