Leaving Savings at the Door

Leaving Savings at the Door

"5% Discount", What's that?

     Many customers without knowing leave savings at the door. With being a new store serving the latest Dragonball products we find that 9 out of 10 of our customers do not use the savings offered right at the door. 

First Time Customer?

     If your a first time customer you get a discount! There is no fluff, nothing else involved in obtaining the discount other then entering your email address. The discount we offer is 5% off your first order so means a lot of savings if ordering more then 1 item. 

Why Give Us a Discount?

     Well first impressions are everything. We just want to welcome all new customers that buy now or later to feel welcome. We use the term, "Iconic Customer," to show how important you are to company and community. We are new and want to grow a great relationship with all New Iconic Customers and we want to share the greatness the Dragonball franchise has to show. 


     We are growing and we have acknowledge that we need more Dragonball items to sell. We will in due time stock these new items as we obtain more suppliers that have more brands and characters. We want to here from the community.

What are you guys looking for?

What do you want to see more of?

Get your Discount "Iconic Customer"

     Get you discount! Dont miss out because we offer much! We love the Dragonball Community and we strive to bring you guys more of everything that is Awesome. 

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