Pre-Order Details

    • All preorders transactions will be charged. We will send you an update via email when your item is likely to arrive at our shop. (The ordering process is simple. Just sign up for the preorder. Pay the low price and save your spot.)
    • Once received, you will receive an email with a tracking number informing you that your item has shipped. 
    • If you decide to cancel before the item is received, we will refund you back your money with no extra charge.

Iconic Preorder Benefits:

  • Reserve yourself a personal copy of the product.
  • You're guaranteed not to miss out on excellent products and get your copy as soon as it releases.
  • We offer collectibles, as items become rare, prices go up. You get your preorder brand new at the lowest price possible.
  • Shipping is FREE


(We have a limited amount of time to place these preorders. The deadline will be in the product description. 

Note: You can still preorder items after the deadline to get the discounted price, but we cannot guarantee that we will have enough to give out. 

We do order extra but, you may miss out, so order before the deadline.)